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    Wondering if anyone can help! We are planning on having a minister hold our ceremony within our venue and had recently heard about hand fasting, its a traditionally Scottish venue and think it would fit in well and would be nice to do, was wondering if anyone has done this before and if the minister would find it suitable as its not technically a religious tradition?


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    I think that the only way to know is if you ask the specific minister who will marry you. Some will perceive handfasting to be a pagan ritual and will absolutely refuse, and others may be willing to use it and even adapt it.

    I am an interfaith celebrant and I have created a handfasting ceremony for couples who specifically want to include God and their faith as part of the handfasting ritual. I would be happy to speak to your minister about this if he/she is willing to consider a handfasting but is uncertain about the details of how it might run.


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