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Thread: Help!! On the hunt for hairdressers in Edinburgh

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    Default Help!! On the hunt for hairdressers in Edinburgh


    I'm having a nightmare trying to find a hairdresser in Edinburgh - I have very thick hair that seems to grow out rather than down.

    I'm trying everything to get it to grow in time for my wedding next year and my hairdresser at the moment makes my layers too short (despite me asking them not to and explaining my problem)

    Any recommendations for good hairdressers in Edinburgh (or a miracle potion to make it grow!) would be really appreciated.


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    I can't recommend my hairdresser ad she's just gone on maternity leave, thankfully she's a friend so will keep doing my hair (we have a 12 month plan!)
    Have you looked at Edinburgh college? My mum goes to the Sighthill campus. Benefits are 1. its super cheap (7 if they keep it same price as last year), 2. They are training so they listen to exactly what you want (my mum used to have nightmares with her hair as hairdressers wouldn't listen to what she wanted) 3. There is always a tutor on hand to "tidy/finish a cut if necessary (they always check it) 4. Late night appointments 5. Cheap beauty therapy done at the same time :-D Drawback is that it's term time only.
    Hope you find something soon. X

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    I go to dolls house which is at slateford road, near to matalan, I cannot remember the girls name as I only recently went back after moving back into town. The girl I had really did listen and didn't get too chop happy. The other place I love is cheynes on north bridge but I just cannot justify that cost around the time of the wedding.
    As for a magic potion I've started using a shampoo and conditioner called FAST (sold in boots)and I'm also taking perfectil skin hair and nail supplements, these haven't made me have hair to challenge rapunzel but my hair doesn't break or shed as much as it used to so hopefully over the next few months it will grow a wee bit more than usual.

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