Hello, again!!

A lot of you saw my last report (thanks for all the messages!) and have been asking why it was removed - unfortunately a supplier named in the report is very pro-active about getting rid of negative feedback online (which is understandable, I think I would be too if I were them!) so please don't mention them by name on here. I have been advised to copy the rest of the report into this new post though so that I can still leave feedback for everybody else. I still feel like I've not covered everybody but I'll do a full report when we're back from honeymoon

Here's the edited report copied from the old post:

My first post as a married woman! We're on honeymoon right now and I'll do a wedding day report with photos when we're back but while my new husband (!!) is in the shower I thought I'd do a quick supplier report as I've seen this done a few times now and it's such a fab idea!!

Dress: Gwenne's, Broxburn. Absolutely amazing service! So helpful and patient with an amazing range in loads of sizes. Made me feel very special and valued throughout, there's nowhere else I'd recommend for anybody looking for a wedding dress - I haven't got one bad word to say about them!

Venue: Anvil Hall, Gretna. Beautiful venue with an amazing atmosphere. You used to have to book it in conjunction with a photographer who was quite pushy and rushed us on a bit but that was a common complaint and apparently you don't need to do that anymore so I'd look into booking directly! Apart from that it was great - stunning venue and the owners are lovely.

Minister: Morag Cameron, Interfaith. Morag was one of the best choices we made - she guided us from day 1 and helped make every word of our service personal and special. Everybody said that the ceremony was beautiful and we were so comfortable with Morag that the whole thing felt that little bit more special for us. Nothing was too much for Morag all the way through.

Reception: Canonbie Village Hall. Great for a DIY reception following a Gretna wedding but, be warned, taxis are few and far between!

Transport: Silver Ladies Cars, Longtown. Another faultless service - fantastic car, wonderful driver and amazing service throughout with loads of helpful suggestions from the owners.

Flowers: Flowers4Hours. This was the service we were most worried about because you can't see the finished result until the day and the flowers are so important. Our quote from here was the cheapest we'd had as well so we were worried about there being a reason for that but from Day 1 he got right into my head and understood EXACTLY what I wanted. He had loads of amazing ideas to get the effect I was picturing and I could have cried on the day at how perfect they were. Everybody loved the flowers and he was SO easy to deal with throughout.

Cake: SpecialDays, Uddingston. Gorgeous & delicious with a custom flavour incorporated and flexible delivery at a time that suited us. It's hard to elaborate much more than that with cake but it was perfect, everything a wedding cake should be.

[edit: Cake Topper: Lily's Creations. Can't believe I forgot this originally - probably because it was sorted so long before the actual wedding day! Luckily another thread reminded me. This was so beautiful, so personal and really added a lot to the cake. Everybody loved it and the communication was fab, the turnaround was quick and the price was very reasonable!!]

Entertainment: [removed]

Hotel: March Bank, Canonbie. Go here!!! Even if it's just for a weekend away, this place was amazing!! So friendly, so helpful and so beautiful!! Gorgeous, large and clean rooms and the best owners and staff you could hope for. Nothing was too much, they even came and helped out setting up the hall and called a few times in the run up to help organise things. The breakfast was delicious as well!

Video: RPL. Hard to judge because we've not had the finished video yet but on the day they were fantastic - not at all intrusive yet always there catching everything. We're very confident that the finished product will be fantastic and we're very happy with all of the contact we've had with them so far.

Kilts: Kilts4U, Hillington: great sales service (we even got bubbly!) and very helpful in the run up to the event getting everything finalised. A few very minor issues on collection (groom had lost an inch round his belly & one tie was the wrong colour) but those issues were sorted immediately & hassle-free. My tip would be to call ahead as the store can get very busy!

Hair: Complete Bride, Gretna: no problems here, we all wanted fairly simple styles so just went with somebody local that I'd seen recommended a few times and I didn't bother with a trial. Our hair all looked lovely and the service was great value too so that's a plus! They also offer make up and various beauty stuff but we didn't get any of that so can't comment either way. I can say though that everybody I dealt with was very friendly and listened to everything we wanted.

Honeymoon: Thomson/Citalia. Having a great time but probably would have been better off booking stuff ourselves - there's been a little hassle with Thomson and not everything went to plan while booking (plus it cost so much more than just doing it ourselves!!) but the holiday itself is lovely and I think it's about time I got back to it now!!

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head (photographer was a family friend, food & decor were homemade, BM dresses were high street, stationary was all DIY) but I've probably missed out something very important, sorry in advance! Haha! Hope this is helpful to somebody and I'll be sure to post a full report for the day once we're home!