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    Talking Dalduff Farm


    I am getting married back home in June 2016 and I am currently trying to plan the wedding from New Zealand, long distance wedding planning=nightmare !!

    Anyway I have two venues that I really like, Errol Park which I've read the thread about and sounds great but it is getting priced for 2016 and Dalduff Farm there not much information about it on the web? Looks cool really rustic, love the hay bale seating etc but worried it could be cold, draft, small and not enough inside space. has anyone gone to see Dalduff? Anyone booked? Anyone decided against it and why? Would really appreciate any advice as it's a bit far away to go and visit myself and I'll need to book before I get back to Scotland!



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    Hi Susie,

    I am sorry, can't help with Dalduff farm but I am getting married at Errol Park in 2015. If you are worried about price, try negotiatiing. Especially if you take the big house as well. I done that and managed to knock down the price a bit. If you went for a bbq or hog roast for your reception meal, you will save a lot of money. Depends on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Good Luck!

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    Hi Susiebrown

    I've never personally worked at Dalduff farm but most of the weddings I do in marquee or barns will usually have a form of industrial heater at the event.

    I think your best bet would be to email them your concerns and ask if they have a brochure they could email to you.

    Contact details are all listed on the site, I'd post it but not sure if I'm allowed to on the forum.

    I love the idea of a barn for a Scottish wedding, even more so if your having a bit of ceilidh too.

    Hope this helps and happy planning

    David Munro

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