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    Hi Ladies

    Just thought I would let you all know that Nikki from Artisan is fab I had my make-up trial with her yesterday, and she made me look amazing! Skin looked flawless and the colours she used were natural hues, but enough to show off my features. I was really nervous as I don't wear a lot of makeup. Today I feel totally bare and dreadful without her wonderful make up ha ha.

    It took me ages to decide on a mau, but would highly recommend Nikki. She was very friendly and knew what she was talking about; she has worked in the industry for years and all over the world - so super experienced!

    She got it spot on, first time! Would definitely recommend!


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    Hi Harley

    I'm struggling to find a MUA free on my date, but have just found out Nikki from Artisan is free, the first one who is! I'm really nervous about MUA (which is why i've been putting it off) as I don't like to wear thick makeup and really dread looking "over done" I just want a soft, natural look with flawless skin - like you've mentioned! It's great to hear you were pleased with Nikki, which is reassuring me, do you have any pictures from your trial at all that you wouldn't mind sharing? PM me if you prefer.
    I'm a bit scared about paying a deposit without having had a trial first, but currently live in MAnchester, and am worried that if I don't book her and secure the date now, she'll not be free either given how booked up the others have all been! Stress!
    Thanks xx

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