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Thread: Do you ever feel....

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    Can relate to the people coming out of the woodwork too ladies! We have only just sent out save the dates for our wedding next August & have been to a few parties & weddings since. People are not shy at all in openly saying "I'll get an invite won't i" or "you'll make sure I'm there won't you" erm I only see you once a year at this persons birthday so erm.. Probably not!!! Lol you've got to laugh xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrskerr2be View Post
    I can totally sympathise already and we've only booked our venue with a July 2016 date!

    Already my parents "oh but a hotel would be easier", "what about travelling guests?", "what will you do about kids?", "you should stay in x hotel the night before, it makes it easier", "oh now you can't have a band, DJ's are much better", "are you sure about x/y/z".

    I've learned to just nod along politely, and then say "yes, but it's what h2b and myself want" and just speak to no more of it. x
    After a day of opinions and feeling slightly deflated I'm stealing this idea from you xxx

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