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    My wedding is getting closer which means soon enough I need to have a list of potential songs for my videographer. Anyone already made this list and have any suggestions ? Me and my partner have like five songs we think would be ok lol !!

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    We picked songs we liked and also used the songs which had been used for ceremony and first dance. We threw in some cheese like bon jovi always and Aerosmith. Lol. We signed the register to the Braveheart theme tune which worked well on our dvd. This played on dvd when we were getting photos taken at the gardens. Here are a few songs, Caledonia-Dougie McLean, David Gray-One I love, Newton Faulkner-Dream catch me, Roberta Flak-First time ever. Take That-Greatest Day (we walked out to this) James Morrison- I won't let you go (our first dance). There are so many popular ones like John Legend, Elbow & christina perri. Just choose songs you like. Xx

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