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Thread: 4th April - Dumbarton :)

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    So we have now been married for nearly 2 weeks and I have no idea where the last 2 weeks have gone!! In fact since Christmas it has all been a bit of a blur.
    Our wedding day went without a hitch and it even stopped raining just as I was leaving for the church. My only small complaint would be with the make up people. I am never late for anything, in fact I'm always 10 minutes early for everything. Leading up to the wedding my friends had been teasing saying that I was probably going to be the only bride ever to arrive early!! The make up people were supposed to visit me at 9:20am to set up and start by 9:30am and finish at 11:30am. They were half an hour late, which in turn meant everything for the whole day was about half an hour later.....half hour late for the church, dinner, speeches, first dance, buffet...etc. Guests actually thought I had changed my mind and wasn't going to turn up!!!
    I think as a bride I was pretty calm. I only had 2 moments...1. I sobbed all the way down the aisle after panicking that everyone was starting at me and 2. I got hot and flustered and emotional after the meal / speeches and wanted some fresh air and they told me I couldn't because there were more photos to be taken. I may have had a little bridezilla moment then.....oops!!
    Anyways, food was lovely, guests had a lovely time, we've already had our photo disc and are currently trying to choose photos for our album. It has also been nice to see family and guest photos because they have captured the moments that we missed. I'm also looking forward to the DVD arriving because the whole day feels a bit surreal and I feel like I was floating about in a daze all day!! All in all it was a pretty chilled out day and I cant believe its come and gone so quick!!! I also seem to have a lot of extra spare time on my hands without the wedding to organise

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    Congratulations! Glad all went well and you had an amazing day! That's terrible about the make up people - eek! I'd have been panicking. I've just booked my make up folk, hope they are not the same lol!! Sounds like it was perfect, let us know how your dvd is - will be fab reliving it all again, and seeing all the bits you didn't get to see on the day xx

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    Congrats - sounds like an amazing day xxx

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