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Thread: Families..... nothing weirder sometimes

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    Default Families..... nothing weirder sometimes

    Hi ladies

    Hope everyone well and planning going good! Ive got 3 weeks to go now and with everything sorted and paid for I have been enjoying the run in until now!

    We have been trying to work out a plan for dances and at the second dance H2B wanted to dance with his mum as his dad passed away a few years ago so I am going to dance with my dad (thought this was nice) so this left my mum - dont get me wrong there are no shortage of family members for her to dance with but I asked my Uncle (mums little brother) who we were very close with until he met his new girlfriend last year, so she is going nuts because I asked him as she is being "left out" I hardly know her and dont "include her" in my wedding party to be honest, my mum is cut to the bone as he has said no and making out that I am out of order for even asking!

    Families!!! Sometimes we are better off without them!!

    Rant over folks lol :-) xx

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    Shocking! Your uncle and his girlfriend are out of order. Your uncle's girlfriend has nothing to do with the wedding party and your uncle should have taken it as an honour to be asked in my opinion.

    At my wedding, our second dance was me with dad, hubby with mum and my mum was left out as hubby's dad died years ago and his step-dad died in January. I asked my uncle (my dad's brother) and he was over the moon to be asked. My aunt, uncle's wife was not fazed in the slightest and my wedding day was actually their anniversary!!!!! I'm sorry that your uncle reacted this way and doesn't see how special it is to be asked. Good luck xx

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    That is such a terrible shame that your uncle has felt this way! My dad will not be at my wedding due to a fall out! My mum is giving me away and I have 1 uncle doing 'fob' style speech and the other is doing the 'fob' & 'mog' dance! Both my uncles were exceptionally pleased to be asked and their wives had no objections as we are really close! I am really sorry you are having to be upset by this! Think it is so 'shady' that a grown woman is behaving like thatx#.....I hope you get it all sorted Xx

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    Seriously what is it with weddings?! Surely this girlfriend can spare a few minutes while her boyfriend dances with his sister at his nieces wedding!! What would happen during the night if you asked him to dance with you? Very inappropriate way to respond and I believe your uncle should have been thrilled to have been asked to be involved. She sounds very childish to me. Hope you get something sorted out x
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    Your uncle probably would have been delighted but it sounds like he has been influenced by a woman who appears to be very jealous or insecure or both!! Such a pity something that should have been an honour has been twisted so badly!!

    Enjoy your day and please do not let people like that spoil it for you!! x

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    Hugs to you!

    Families are insane - my sisters wedding cause issues with people not being invited during the day etc and my engagement party ended in a punch up which resulted in a family fall out too....the sad thing is it's only ever the nice family members that get hurt with these things - argh!

    Hope you're okay - your Mum will have someone to dance with all night long I wouldn't worry! xx

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