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    Default photographer etiquette


    Just a few issues regarding photographer etiquette. not sure what the right thing to do regarding food and drinks for photographer, do i give them a seat at one of my tables? or book them into the restaurant next door?
    same issue with drinks, know it would only be a few soft drinks, but should i be paying for them or not?

    oh dear!!

    marie x

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    Hi there

    That's very kind of you, very considerate!

    One of the best ideas I've heard is to make sure they have a plate of sarnies and water/orange/a soft drink. That way they can eat when they need to and when they have a gap in whatever they're doing, rather than be tied to everyone else's schedule.

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    Amanda - photographer


    I doubt he'll want a seat at one of your tables so don't worry about that. If the venue has a bar which does meals or which will allow him to have sandwiches there then that will do.

    I wouldn't go to the extent of getting him in at the restaurant next door. Maybe see if the venue can give him one of your guest meals (just a main course) and let him sit somewhere else to eat it.

    I take my own food with me as I think it's cheeky asking for a meal but on the odd occasion I'm offered one I've eaten it in a lounge, conservatory and even sitting in the venue kitchen.

    As for drink. Since you don't know what he'll like I suggest a pitcher of water and a glass. Anything else and he can purchase it from your bar.

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    Wallace Artworks


    Hi Mrs SB,
    Well I don't think there is a right way or a wrong way and it all depends on how long he/ she is staying with you. If it's beyond your meal and into the evening, it is nice to be offered something to eat, but I doubt most expect it. I definately don't expect it, I certainly wouldn't expect to be placed with the guests (this has happened twice, the first time I wriggled out of it and ate in the bar, just because that's the chance to have a break, phone home check on the kids, go over any notes etc... that's difficult to do when seated as a guest). The second time the couple wouldn't take no for an answer, bless them! LOL and I was seated with lovely guests and welcomed into all conversation.

    I think your photographer would be very greatful that you thought to feed him/ her..... I'd just ask? "what do we do about food for you?"... and let him tell you.
    Now, I think Amanda's suggestion of a jug of water is a fantastic idea.... you do get parched while you're grafting away!
    To be honest, your venue should really be used to the situation, be able to guide you..... I think it's great that you've already thought of your photographer, well done you.
    I would say that if your having tea/coffee at the end of your meal... a brew would probably go down a treat at that point!

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    Depending on how long he/she is staying its always polite to give them refreshments. Ask your venue/caterers to to a sandwich platter and snacks for the photographer/band. It will be a lot cheaper than a full meal, which they will usually be too busy to eat all of it!

    Throughout the day lots of tea/coffee/water and a slice of wedding cake im sure wouldn't go a miss with them!

    Hope this helps x

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    We treated our photographer as one of the guests which was much easier without a sit down meal, the only thing I expected him to pay for out of his own pocket was any drinks he wanted as we'd supplied water. He seemed quite chuffed with that

    Whatever you feel is right, probably is
    Little Tiger Creations

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    Hi, I never expect to have food provided on the day and I dont think I would feel comfortable being seated at a guests table, I am far too busy for that :-) Quite often one of the bridal party offer a drink and I happily accept, however I never rely on this and always have money on me to buy my own. I agree that a plate of sannies is well aprreciated, however it never goes wrong to have a packed lunch waiting in the car, just in case!

    What I would say is do not feel obliged to provide this for your photographer unless otherwise stipulated in your contract. It is nice of you to be so thoughtful.
    Gail Galbraith Photography

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    As a photographer I don't expect to be seated with the guests and I am quite happy to get something from the bar while the reception meal is taking place. You should however ask your photographer what he expects as some photographers do have it written into their contract that they require a meal and refreshments.

    The hotel staff usually keep me supplied with soft drinks especially in hot weather.

    Have a great wedding


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    It's very kind of you to consider your photographer like that. Personally I prefer not to sit at the table with guests, I know we all bleat on about this but being a Wedding Photographer is quite stressful and when the guests are eating it's a great opportunity to sit quietly and take stock, perhaps check the pics on a laptop. I usually bring food with me but occasionally I am offered a meal by the hotel in the bar. Water is the biggest thing as it is very easy to dehydrate at a Wedding.

    Angus Forbes - Wedding Photography

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    We are giving our photographer and 2 dvd people a meal in the bar and 1 drink of their choice.

    It was suggested by the venue to provide them with the meal our guests were having but, and this is not being disrespectful to them, we felt that they are being paid to do a job and while happy to provide them with a meal of some sort, it was above and beyond to pay over 50 per head for their meals.

    It is written in our contract that a light snack and refreshment would be expected on the day.

    As they are with us from 9am til 9pm, I think that's the least we can do. And we like them so all good!
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    Hi Marie

    Some photographers may have it written into their contract that they require food and drink to be provided. However the majority will bring their own food and drink.

    The offer of food and drink from the couple is always appreciated by the photographer but as for where the photographer(s) would prefer to eat this is often in a nearby room as sitting with guests.

    If you are feeding the photographer then it's worth asking the venue to feed the photographer at the same time as the guests. In some instances I have been offered left overs at the end of the meal but at this point I am wanting to back with the wedding party for candids.

    Also check with your photographer that they are fed - I have worked at some hotels where the couple paid for me to have a meal only for the hotel not to provide one.

    Hope this helps - in affect there is no set etiquette - do what you feel is right but do check your contract small print. Some photographers may actually prefer to go off site for 1hr to eat.

    Hope that helps


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