Sometimes I wish there were independant skin advisors, you know like independant financial advisors! Someone who can look at your skin and say this is what you need without favouring one expensive brand.

My skin has gone nuts with 10 weeks to go. I treated myself to a pot of elemis pro collogen and it was fine for about 4 weeks then noticed all these little bumps appearing across my cheeks and temples. Someone said that it could be the moisturiser. While I was getting waxed my beautician who is also qualified in skin stuff as well said try this priori moisturiser which has AHA's in it which will resurface your skin from within. Maybe help with the bumps. She also said the elemis stuff wouldn't help as collogen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. So I tried the freebie sachets she gave me. My skin felt really tingly while it got used to the lactic acid. Now that I have finished using them my forehead and cheeks are soo dry and flaky!

I despair! All I want is good skin on the day. Going to slap my body shop aloe Vera moisturiser on tonight to try and get my skin hydrated again.

Sorry just having a moan