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    Hi ladies I was wondering if you could help me.

    My friend is getting married at Glenskirlie next September. She is originally from Glasgow but has moved up to Aberdeen near me.

    I've been telling her to get a move on with booking her hair and make up for the day. Her plan is to stay in Stirling the night before then travel to glenskirlie once we have had our hair and make up done.

    So could you please recommend some make up artists and hair folk either in Stirling or that would travel to Stirling. It would be good if they had a Facebook page or website we could view their work


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    I was bridesmaid at my friend's wedding a few years ago and the hairdresser that did all our hair was really good. She was called Lyn Hunter - I think she has her own salon in Alloa now (called Bijoux) but she travelled to Glasgow for my friend's wedding so I'm sure she would come through to Stirling.

    For my wedding next year, I am just using my own hairdresser - Carole who is currently based in Torpedo in Stirling (but will also travel to wherever you are). She doesn't have her own website or anything but she does loads of wedding hair and all the other hairdressers in the salon get her to do all their clients up-dos, so she is really good. Maybe worth a trial?

    Hope you find someone! xx

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