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Thread: 4th May 2013 - Mr & Mrs G - part 1

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    Red face 4th May 2013 - Mr & Mrs G - part 1

    Hello brides & grooms,

    We only got back from our honeymoon on Monday and its been a really busy week with trying to get back to reality. I wanted to come on and do a wee report of my wedding so I am going to start from the day before, the Friday.

    Friday 3rd May 2013

    I was up early on that morning but still felt surprisingly calm. My husband, (eeeek) Craig and I had had a bottle of champagne the night before so I felt really quite calm and clear minded. Craig's Mum collected the kilts so we picked up my Dad's kilt from their house and Craig and I went to my Mums. Her partner was busy putting up a gazebo (for the party on the Sunday) and Craig was going to give him a hand. I went to get my nails done with my Mum. I had already had my eyelashes and fake tan done on the Thursday so I was in a pampering mood.
    Once our nails had been done, Mum and I took all the necessary boxes up to the hotel. It was absolutely chucking it down with rain which upset me a bit but I tried to think positive and the sun would be out on the Saturday. The hotel had already partly set up the hall for the wedding meal so I was really giddy with excitement about that.
    Mum and I then went and picked up my flowergirl and we all went back to Mums. I had a bath which was amazing and was just in time for my CBM, BM and my BM who lives abroad to arrive. My dad then popped in and nearly all of my favourite people were in the same house. My gran and her sister also came by and we all had a couple of glasses of my fav drink, Prosecco. I went to bed about 11:30pm and hoped with all my might that I would sleep.

    Saturday 4th May 2013 - my wedding day

    So I woke up at about 7am, after a fairly good nights sleep and was in a bit of a daze. It was actually my wedding day and I was so excited. Everyone had some Prosecco, had showers and waited for my Auntie, who was doing the hair to arrive. She was shortly followed by my MUA.
    As I was getting done last, I spent much of the morning just floating around the house. I didnt speak to Craig on the phone and that was really hard!! I really wanted to speak to him but also wanted to wait until I saw him at the venue,

    I got my make up done, which was absolutely beautiful and just then my flowers arrived.......and I started to cry. All of the bouquets, but especially mine, were breathtaking. I was so happy. My FIL then turned up to pick up their button holes and he told me Craig had went back to his bed. I was a bit like "HE'S WHAT?!" I knew he had been out for a couple of drinks the night before and I hoped (for his sake) that he wasnt hungover.
    So anyway, I then got my hair done (its short so didnt take long) and my BMs and FG all had theirs done and looked beautiful. My Dad also arrived at my Mums so everyone was there.

    From about 11:30am, time flew by and at 12:30pm, my Mum and FG were picked up in their car. My Mum looked gorgeous in her silver outfit and my wee FG was stunning in her wee dress. She was getting really impatient and just wanted to walk down the aisle lol!! Their car came later than what was agreed which totally stressed me out but it turned out he was actually parked at the bottom of the street and was just giving us a bit of extra time. This was the moment when the nerves started to slowly hit me as it all started to feel very real. I got teary when they left and my Mum was sobbing in the car.

    I don't remember much between then and when I got picked up as the house was a flurry of activity. My BMs all got dressed as they were getting picked up about 1:20pm. They helped me to get dressed and by this time, I was feeling quite stressed and my tummy was in total knots. I think it was because everyone was leaving and I was really nervous. So my girls all left and that left me, my Dad, my Auntie, cousin, Uncle and Great Aunt in the house.

    When I was all dressed and ready to go, I felt the most confident I have ever felt in my life. I felt a million dollars!!

    My car had arrived at the house early which again caused me extra stress. Plus, my Dad was taking ages to get ready which resulted in me snapping at him. Here was me thinking the bride is the one who should be running late. But then, I am never late for anything and was just really impatient. I wanted to get married!!!

    Leaving the house
    My Auntie gathered up my dress and veil and we stepped out the house. It was quite windy and there were neighbours standing at the driveway but I couldn't look at them, I was so nervous. My Dad and I got in the car and then the tears started. My wedding car was absolutely beautiful and I suddenly felt really overwhelmed. I actually felt like I was going to have a panic attack, and having had one before, I knew what to expect. So I tried to calm myself down during the journey to the hotel. My Dad was trying his hardest to talk to me about everything and anything that was not wedding related.

    Arriving at the venue
    When the car pulled up to the venue (the journey felt like it went on for hours, not 20 minutes), just a minute or two before 2pm, my BMs, Registrar and photographer were there to greet us. I couldnt even talk cos I was trying to control my breathing. I was shaking so hard too. The photographer tried to take a couple of pics of my dad and I in the car and I tried really hard to smile properly cos my chin was wavering, I was on the verge of sobbing (I will be interested to see how those pics look). My Mum then came out and they helped me out of the car. The wind caught my veil and dislodged it so my Mum and I had to try and sort that, whilst my whole body was shaking and I couldnt stand still.

    Walking down the aisle
    The hotel wedding co-ordinator was there and didnt speak to me as she knew I was working really hard not to cry. We waited at the door to the conservatory and then my chosen music (Pachebel Canon) started up and my eyes welled up. My CBM walked down the aisle first, followed by my 2 BMs and then my FG who scattered white rose petals on the red carpet. My Dad and I then walked in and I dont remember much about who I saw. However, I looked at the bottom of the aisle and saw Craig and I felt such a huge relief. Up until that moment, I was so scared he wouldn't turn up or would suddenly change his mind. But no, he was waiting for me at the bottom of the aisle with tears in his eyes. My eyes were fully swimming with tears but I smiled at him because seeing him there was the first happiest moment of my life.

    Saying our vows
    Craig and my Dad were basically holding me up initially. My Dad had my arm and Craig had a hold of my back as my legs were still shaking uncontrollably.
    My Dad then left us and Craig and I said our vows. It was so emotional and all such a blur. I don't remember a lot of the ceremony so I am so glad we have a wedding video that we can watch!
    At some point during the ceremony, I dont know when, my nerves went away and my legs stopped shaking. I felt truly elated to be marrying the absolute man of my dreams and when they pronounced us husband and wife, I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. That was the second happiest moment of my life. After pics had been taken, Craig and I were then piped out of the room and I felt like I was walking on air.

    The rest of the day went by in such a blur because it was so fast. We had our pics taken and because the wind had really picked up, we could only get a couple done outside. But I really wasnt upset by this. We had most of our pics done at a fireplace and it looks like we were in a church. I cannot wait to see the pictures!!!!

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    To be continued........
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    Wow, you look stunning! Fab read so far, shame you were so nervous/emotional but glad it went away during the ceremony. Off to find part 2 now!

    PS Congratulations x

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    Loving the report so far! You look absolutely stunning! Congratulations! Xxx

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    Oh that made me well up thinking about walking down the aisle - I think im going to be like you, shaking and trying my hardest not to cry (Im not a big cryer either!)

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