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Thread: Wedding insurance for preexisting medical conditions

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    Default Wedding insurance for preexisting medical conditions

    Hi folks. just wanted to share some experience. I found it very difficult to get wedding insurance which would cover pre-existing medical conditions (my mum has crohns disease and my nephew has cardiac issues). We eventually got a 'dreamsaver' policy with voyager insurance at no extra cost. They wont cover if the person in question is awaiting the results of investigations but do cover ongoing illnesses where this is not the case.

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    Wow, this is good to know and just a pity I didn't know a year ago. My dad is on dialysis and waiting for a kidney and pancreas transplant, he does plan to come over for the wedding but obviously there is a concern there. We couldn't find anything when we bought our insurance last year so I may have a look at that (providing they cover purchases/deposits already made)

    Hopefully none of us it will need it but I am sure it makes you feel better having it in place just in case xx

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    Oh that is good to know! my teen has arthritis and we got cover several years ago for florida but think the company closed or changed name so cant find them. I will keep a wee note of them. Thanks x

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    thanks for that info, it's really helpful! We are just looking in to wedding insurance just now and it's info like this that makes you sure you need it and are taking the right one.x
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