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Thread: Hair dyeing at home

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    Default Hair dyeing at home

    Hi all, it's 18 months til my big day so I've started to consider my routines that I need to maintain/change in order to look and feel fabby on the day and need some advice on home hair dye please.

    I have naturally dull boring brown hair that for the last 7 years I've dyed at home - always a shade of red. Since I got engaged over a year ago I've started noticing the odd grey hair appearring (I don't think the two events are connected ) so it's on to regular upkeep on the fye front now.

    My question is this - is it best to use semi-permanent dyes from now on to try and keep the condition of my hair as good as it can be, or are semi-permanent and permanent home dyes much of a muchness on that front?

    I can't afford salon prices for the upkeep hence why it's home dye for me.

    Thanks all.

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    The only problem with semi-permanant is that they might not cover your sparkly silver hairs. I have dyed my hair at home for years and continues to do so up until my wedding and it looked fine. If you're worried about it looking dried out try using a hair mask regularly to inject some moisture. I'd also recommend only putting the dye on your roots. After the set time comb through the ends and only leave for about 5 minutes. That way your ends aren't accumulating hours and hours of being dyed.

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    Being all too familiar with grey hair, I have had the following experience! My greys started age 26 and At first I would pull them out with tweezers! Crazy, I know but seemed a good solution at the time lol! However it quickly became apparent that this was not a sustainable option so began using semi permanent dye. this worked quite nicely for a few years until the greys kept coming at an alarming rate! Then found that the semi permanent dye didn't last very long at all so had to turn to permanent dye. I think I have been using this for 6 years now and can't say I notice any difference in the condition of my hair. However I do see a massive difference in the amount of grey when my roots start to grow! In fact on Thursday night, the day before my colour was due, H2B looked at me and noticed my roots, while I was combing my hair after swimming and charmingly asked " Do you you think you'd be really grey like that all over if you didn't dye your hair?" Cheeky man! At least I'm not going bald like him though, lol! X

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    I'm a hairdresser can I ask how much grey hair you have? Like if you could work it out in a percentage? If it's like 20-30% then I would recommend sticking with a semi permanent dye, if its over that amount then probably something more permanent, I am obviously not a huge fan of home colourants, they have metal oxides in them that are not good for your hair as well as being pretty strong as they need to be suitable for all hair types rather than aimed at what you need personally. Nowadays salon services, or sallys are dotted all over most town centres, you could go in and speak with one of the staff there and use a more professional brand? It is more expensive than a box dye but will be much better for your hair in the long run. I'd recommend buying some good shampoo and conditioner while you are there, it's the most important part of keeping your hair in good condition. Hope this helps x

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