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Thread: Our magical day - 24/11/12

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    what a lovely report - you look gorgeous - many congratulations

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    Aww congratulations! Your pics r fab and your cake looks amazing! Well done x
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura MacDonald View Post
    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the bridesmaid dresses! It's the colour I'm having! Might need to take a trip to gwennes! Can I ask why u didn't get your kilts from the place in west Calder? Just I noticed you flowers and catering were from west Calder. Where did u get married?
    Gwennes are totally amazing, honestly you will not get better service anywhere! I was emailing and phong them about stupid wee worries etc and they answered me straight away with no problem. They make you feel like one of the girls, I love them lol. We have always used The Kilt Studio and have never had any issues with them so just stuck to what we know really, it wasnt a case of not picking MacDonald Kilts in West Calder it was more that it was a natural choice to go to Barbara and Alan. They have become family friends over the years and were invited to the wedding.

    We got married in Limefield Church in West Calder then had our reception at Harburn Golf Club.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies :-)

    I knew I had forgot suppliers:

    Hair - Di Basio Styling - Sarah was amazing and very well priced. We all got our trials and on the day she came to my mums to do our hair. I showed her pictures of what I roughly wanted for everyone and she done it exactly. My hair lasted the whole day and was still sitting nice when I woke up the following morning lol. She is very talented :-)

    Make-up - Cute Cuticles - Carolyn was also fab! Again great value for money but no compromise on the products or service. I was so pleased with my make up and again it lasted all day apart from my lipstick obviously. She also does nails and waxing etc as well. She is also local to our area so it was nice to use local people. I will use Carolyn again for nights out and parties because she is so reasonably priced.

    That is allI can remember for now lol

    x x x x

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    Congratulations. You look stunning! Love your pics x
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