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Thread: wedding blues

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    Default wedding blues

    does anyone ever get the wedding blues? im not getting married till 2014 but it all seems to have gone from lots of excitement to bit stale now. I dont know why though, works bit quiet the now and i worry about everything so that probs doesnt help. Still cant get motivated though to lose weight for my weddding dress argh

    anyone recommend anything to cheer me up? what does everyone do to stay motivated and gt excited again?

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    Coly87, I am exactly the same, we got engaged in April 11, engagement party in July 11, Mexico in May 12 and then booked wedding in May 12 for Nov 13....feel like there has been so much excitement in a short space of time and now we are waiting for the wedding....have most things organised but like you I am not getting motivated to loose weight, we have a gym at work and I am trying to motivate myself to go 2 lunchtimes a week and eat better but it just isnt happening I am starting to get excited again though as we are having a meeting with the hotel on the 30th Nov.....One thing that does excite me is wedding fayres... I love them, just wondering around and looking at all the ideas I hope you find your mojo soon Xx

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    Yeah I get the wedding blues. I got engaged last August'11 and was hoping to be married May'13. But due to H2B medical issues he had to leave his job and is now training to be a teacher, so no money means wedding plans on hold Got all the plans ready to go, just need to make sure we're financially stable before we book. I get proper wedding blues knowing I won't be married now until maybe 2014 earliest, because I'm a big traditional and won't move in with my H2B either until we're married. Boohoo! Me and H2B just spend lots of time doing things together and try to get excited about planning it in the meantime xxx

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