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Thread: 'Under the Vintage Veil' blog post on 'how to go about getting discounts'

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    Default 'Under the Vintage Veil' blog post on 'how to go about getting discounts'

    Hi ladies

    I hope all your planning is going well!

    If you've not heard of it before, 'Under The Vintage Veil' is a great blog. Sara and Mel (the writers) cover lots of interesting topics, and they've just published a post on 'how to go about getting discounts':

    Hope it's of some help!

    Sonia x

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    My first reaction to this post was to think.... why is a supplier putting this out..... but it is actually a good sensible article worth reading. I see many more people are now obsessed with the price of things and make purchases on that basis without taking quality into account. The approach is a bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Like a contest, they then broadcast that they are using someone and are only paying?????
    Certainly as far as Videography and Photography is concern, those suppliers that have mastered the skills in that particular field, and properly qualified to judge performance and quality end up thinking ... when will they learn.... they are actually paying over the odds for that standard of work.
    Creative Video Troon

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    That's a really interesting article, thanks for posting it.

    I have to admit I've not really asked for any discounts from my suppliers. I got one from the photographer, but he's a friend of a friend and he offered the discount because otherwise we couldn't afford him. With everything else, I spent so long researching to get the best service that I've never gone for the cheapest option available to me, many would think I'm mad but everything has still been within budget (except flowers) and I tend to go with suppliers who I like as people and feel that they understand what I want more than just the cheapest price available. I value that more than savings a few pounds!

    Although naturally saving money does give you a buzz and I think that's why so many brides are excited to share their bargaining achievements.

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    Excellent, thank you!

    I think that while of course things like photographs are important to get right, its not highly important to me about the quality of insignificant things like decorations and table centre pieces. I want all the people we love in the one room and celebrating. It doesn't matter if the DJ is naff. All the more memories.

    I can't take weddings too seriously or else you'll never get out alive

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