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Thread: 80% (VERY roughly!!) DIY wedding...

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    Default 80% (VERY roughly!!) DIY wedding...

    (...have I taken on too much...???!! )

    I am embarking upon the majority of the DIY projects now, so they are mostly all complete ASAP: I have started mocking up invitations and save the dates (I'll be making them as soon as the date is set),
    I've started the mammoth brooch collect ing task for my brooch bouquet,
    our venue does the majority of the centrepieces but I'm making some additions,
    the BM's bouquet will be started after Christmas, and will be lilies and crystals,
    will be making the buttonholes at the same time as the BM bouquet
    I've started making the bunting for the outside space,
    and I have just bought the first batch of crystals for my DIY Swarovski bridal shoes!!

    I am gonna start postings pics once I start making some progression my various (!!) projects...wish me luck!, lol


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    I did quite a lot of DIY (cake, crystal shoes, tiara, two sets of entirely home-made favours and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot), and the one thing I'd recommend is getting someone to take over from you on the day.

    If you can stretch to it get a professional wedding planner for "day of coordination" (I'd highly recommend Louise Macpherson), do it! Otherwise get a trusted friend who is not a bridesmaid or groomsman/usher to do it and buy them a really nice gift (as they'll be working their arse off).
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