Hi everyone,

Not been on here in a while; had lost my wedding mojo-AGAIN!!!
Just wanna have a wee rant, sorry in advance!

Wedding mojo had been waning for a while as my OH had been looking for work for a while so we weren't able to save etc...

(We're getting married in the States in 2014...)

Thankfully he got a job yaaaay...but nooooow we're not gonna be able to get over to see the venue this year like we'd hoped...!! And I had ideally wanted to book it ASAP...!!

We do have plenty of time etc, but I just want to get it all kicked into gear now, and this doesn't seem to phase my OH...gaaah!!

Lots to be positive about, I know...but just annoying...would love to be booking etc ASAP!!

Anyway, apologies again...