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Thread: Anyone used Karl Double Photography?

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    Default Anyone used Karl Double Photography?

    I met Karl Double at a wedding fayre and really liked him and his photographs and albums. I was thinking of booking him for my wedding in September but haven't found any feedback on him anywhere. Has anyone heard of him or used him before?

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    I know Im a couple of years late replying to this, but I didn't want to leave this question without a reply. I got married last week and Karl Double was our photographer. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer. He is a great photographer and lovely man. We had the choice of traditional or quirky shots, which were great fun and he has even photo shopped all the building work and scaffolding out of shots at the local castle. He spent the morning with me and even ended up running about doing things to help me get ready as well as taking photographs!! Our disc of photos was ready less than a week after the wedding and the album will be ready as soon as we pick the photos we want. My favourite, and least stressful, part of the day was having our photos done with Karl.

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