You could try a company in glasgow called sunshine photography, we met them recently and they seem great and really down to earth, i dont know if the are booked or not but you could try them, they give all pics on disc and 2 parents books and a main album oh and they send 2 photographers ..............think i'll ask them for commission lol

good luck

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Actually could cry right now and probably would if it wasn't for the fact I'm at work!

Emailed photographer yesterday about paying final balance and he just replied to say he closed business at start of year and won't be doing our wedding in less than 7 weeks!! Surely you get in touch with everyone that's booked and paid straight away?? To say I'm angry is an understatement.

Anyway, need to get on and fix it. Would any of you girls know a photographer who is available on 30 June 2012?? Any help greatly appreciated!