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Thread: all gone pear shaped...

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    Default all gone pear shaped...

    My aunt offered to make my bridesmaids dresses.... we spent time discussing what I would like and she spent time talking me out of it...

    she popped some links to patterns on my facebook page. some of which are ok but not what i had in mind... ok one of them was what i had in mind... but she slated it as old fashioned and not what to put teenage girls in...

    She put up some other designs she had in mind and i swear they are suited for clubbing not a wedding.. tight fitting, short and inappropriate and so not what I want!!!

    I want tea dress length for the 2 older girls and long ivory for the 11 year olds who both agree this is what they want... so i put up a picture of the ideal style that i want. only for her to say... Gadz, just gadz....

    told me she is a dressmaker and she knows her job... and my taste sucks and to be honest what do i know... the girls will look stupid in those dresses...

    cue argument on facebook (not appropriate I know..) with me stating... but its what I want, its my wedding and am sorry that you feel that way, maybe i should just buy the dresses I want... to be met with.. yeah do that. oh and i will be sat at the bar, wont catch me on the beach with the rest of you (basically she HATES my beach theme with a passion thinks its tacky and was telling me so.) I then had a series of abusive PM's from her accusing me of demanding money from my gran for my cake which i have never done... at any point. we are paying for our wedding ourselves as I have no parents and neither does H2b ....

    We are now not talking and am livid... cant stop crying and wishing i had just gone away to get married... sorry just needed to vent

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    What is it with families and weddings!

    If your aunt is not prepared to make what you want then look elsewhere and either buy them or find an alternative dressmaker.

    I had problems with both my aunts in the run up to the wedding and I wish now that I had simply let sleeping dogs lie and ignored them and their spiteful messages and comments towards me.

    It's your wedding, you have the dresses that you want. If your aunt wants to act like this then perhaps she should just stay away from the wedding if it's going to be too tacky for her!

    Don't let her upset you!

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    I agree with Gayle and if you have described what you want to your Aunt and she doesn't agree them you should look elsewhere. You have asked her as a dressmaker and yes she may have an opinion but ultimately it is your dy and your decisions.

    Weddings sometimes bring the worst out in families and everyone seems to have a view or an opinion.

    It is always difficult when communicating on email, text or Facebook maybe you should suggest a face to face meeting to resolve the situation. Let us know how you get on x x

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    Hi Mrs Davis2b, i agree with Gayle. you should go with the style of dresses you want and if that means buying them then that's just more fun for you and your bms. also buying them means they will all get to try them on first thus making sure the suit they're lovely shapes etc.

    Try not to let your aunt get you down. her behaviour is shocking . if she is a professional dress maker i wonder if she's as unprofessional at work?! Don't know why family members think its ok to have an opinion on folks weddings! Think families often cause more bother than all the suppliers put together ha ha!

    Chin up chick and take care of yourself x

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    I agree with Gayle too, get your dresses from another dressmaker or buy them yourselves as that will save on any arguments later. I would also be tempted to tell the aunt to stay away if my wedding is so tacky but then, do you really not want to speak to her again, as that could be the end result. If you do want to keep talking then send her an apology email or give her a call to apologise, not for the things you said about your style etc but that the convo got out of hand and you think it would be better if you buy your dresses elsewhere and would appreciate your aunt's support on your special day.

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    Oh good lord how rude of her!!!!!

    If she's a dressmaker I would be wondering if this is how she treats her regular clients. I can guarantee her business won't last long if she's so nasty about what people want. Definitely buy them yourself. You were kind enough to involve her in your big day and she has abused that, so she can sit at the bar all she wants but you need to get what you want!


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