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Thread: Setting a date

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    Default Setting a date

    My H2B is very reluctant to put down a deposit for our venue and secure a date. We are meant to be getting married next March. Don't see that happening.

    He says it is because of the lack of money and now he under threat of redundancy again. I have been trying to get myself a full time job but still no luck.

    Don't know what to do now for the better.


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    It can be really hard to put a large amount of money down for a deposit if you're not sure you'll be able to pay for the rest of the wedding, esp when you could use it for so much more. I kinda know what you're going through (my H2B isn't working due to illness and I'm on a low income) which is why we are planning a late 2014 wedding! It's all about the money and being able to pay for the wedding while not getting into debt or making your own situation any worse. These days with redundancy threats and jobs being so scarce it's only natural to worry about not having enough money..esp for something as expensive and important as your wedding! However maybe you should try to have a real heart to heart with your H2B and let him know how you feel about it. I'm sure that if you try to keep costs to a minimum, make sure you have your venue and plenty of time to shop around for the other things (and use the girls on the forum of course who are a fountain of knowledge) and get best prices you can while doing as much yourself as possible, you will defo be able to get married next year! If having the bare minimum is;t enough for you then you have to sacrifice the date and do it later! I hope you manage to figure something out xx

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