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Thread: not a wedding topic - more a bit of help!

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    Default not a wedding topic - more a bit of help!

    2 things that if anyone can help me would be much appreciated - its kinda driving me mad now and feel that im annoying the police (even tho ive phoned one haha)

    does anyone know how long it can take if the police have charged someone and its gone to the procurator fiscal, how long it can be?

    also how long will the police try finding someone for? do they have a certain period that they look and then just give up?

    its not that ive been charged or h2b has haha!

    kind of a long rather annoying few situations that i want to be over with asap and get something done about them.

    thanks xx

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    I think you'd better apply to an organization that helps victims of the police abuse if that's really the case. I found a website right now I saw in Google once - it's the AAAPPP organization.

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