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Thread: Couples Tower Isle Jamaica

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    Default Couples Tower Isle Jamaica

    Highly highly recommend this hotel. We did 3nts NY then 10 nts Jamaica. Couples resorts are adult only and no tipping, and believe me t
    He no tipping thing is true. I used to be a travel agent and a lot of these hotels say this but still expect it. You don't even need cash here, if u buy anything from shop u use ur room number and pay bill when checking out.

    Rooms, restaurants, pools, bars and staff are All fab, would defo return.

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    We are thinking of going to Jamaica!! How any restaurants etc are there? And if you don't mind me asking, if much did you guys pay all in? We are thinking of booking it last minuteish ( well August for Sept), to see what we can afford after we have paid everything!

    And what are the rooms like? I have this weird thing of not wanting to look into bedrooms with bright linens! I know weird!!

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    We went to Couples Swept Away and can second the recommendation of the couples resorts. We are going back there for our honeymoon and can't wait.

    Can't speak for Tower Isle, but CSA has four restaurants, 2 snack bars, 5-6 bars (and a nightclub). It is on a seven mile long beach which is amazing, often voted as one of the best beaches in the world. The staff are amazing and it's a chilled out place to go. They rake the beach every morning, so no seeweed or rocks/stones etc. They offer beach drinks service and bring chilled fruit and towels to you on the beach.

    The room we had was an atrium room, which has a hammock in the huge patio. It has wooden slats and is very rustic (but very clean). It feels like you are in your own little hut. The linen we had was plain white linen. If you go to their website you can see 360 views of their rooms (Couples Negril has bright linen I think lol).

    We went in Feb last year and paid around £3,500 for 10 days (but we booked with Thomas Cook as we had vouchers so we couldn't shop around). We are looking to book 14 days for our honeymoon and expect it to be between £4,500 - £5,000 but that's to get the room upgrade that we want. There will be deals available I'm sure.

    I would highly recommend it, we can't wait to go back. Any questions, just let me know and I'm sure louloubabydoll will have loads more good things to say about CTI. It will be hard to choose if you decide to go, as apparently all 4 resorts are amazing.

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