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    Default When to send invites

    Hi all

    I think there was a thread about this already but I can't find it!

    Well after weeks of cutting and sticking, our invites are finally ready to go! I was going to send my all day ones out first then the evening ones a couple of weeks later - is this what you're supposed to do? Htb thinks we should just send them all at once but I'm not sure.

    MissD x

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    The traditional time to send out invitations used to be 6 weeks before the wedding but this is more likely to be around 8 weeks now for most people. Most people send day and evening invites out at the same time.

    Hope this helps.
    Christine, Perfect Match Designs

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    If some of the day guests can't make it you may want to bump an evening guest or two to fill their places so you might want to hold off sending the evening ones for a week or two.

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