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Thread: real or fake?

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    Smile real or fake?

    i wpild like to have a wishing tree at our weding but cant decide how. one option is to go out and collect pre-cut branches and make our own more artifical looking one. the other is to by one from my h2bs work and re-plant it by the river we can see from our bedroom. we would decorate iether with dngeling glass teardrops but very sutely. and the wish tags would be butterfly shaped. the final fact to consider is that our wedding is at 3.15pm on september 8th. what you think would be better?

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    Same date as me!! Lol
    I can't decide wether to collect branches from the Forrest where I live, or wether it would just look naff? I'm not even sure I have converted h2b to the idea!
    Why don't u try the homemade 1 first? Or u can hire them I'm sure..

    Good luck xx

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