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Thread: Not sure what to do now (NWR)

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    Default Not sure what to do now (NWR)

    Don't know if any of you remember my situation from a few months ago

    Well i'm not really getting anywhere with my dad. Christmas and new year were really difficult for my mum, my sisters and I. My dad came back from the middle east for only two days at christmas and two days at new year and spent the rest of his three week 'holiday' from work in belgium with his whore. Can you tell that i'm still bitter?!?! He barley said anything to my mum and when he spent time with my sisters and I, it was all kept quiet and nothing about the affair was mentioned, it was all so fake!

    Since then I have had very little contact with my dad, all via e-mail, and everytime I do I want to tell him exactly what I think of him and his actions. However I know that everytime we communicate I can't keep dragging up the same things as all it's doing is upsetting me and i'm not getting answers. But at the same time I can't just keep pretending that nothing has happened when I e-mail him. I don't want him to think that he has got away with what he has done scott free, with no retributions!

    All of this has got me thinking, we are getting closer to the wedding and I don't know what part is he meant to play? Does he get the privilege of walking me down the aisle, sit next to me at the top table or make a 'father-of-the-bride' speach?!

    Thinking about his part upsets me so much and the other half is not the best sounding board, he is of the opinion that if he never speaks to or sees my dad again it wouldn't be a big deal. What do I do?

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    I have pmd you with a similar response lols x x

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    Whilst its completely your decision.... If my Dad were to put my family in a situation like this (and believe me, my Dad is my hero) I would want to have it out with him. Some marriages don't work out, people have affairs and break their loved ones hearts... But a 40 year marriage ending so quickly has obviously had a shocking effect on you (especially when planning your own wedding) I do think your Dad needs to know how you feel, he should also be asked the question of how he would feel if your H2B did this to you? Does he realise that the whole family has been hurt, not just your Mum?

    I think if you really have it out with him you will have your answer. Perhaps it seems he's not remorseful as he's just being stubborn and really feels horrible? Maybe he's scared to talk about it with you as he's terrified you won't want him to walk you down the aisle?

    Whatever you do though please don't forget how amazing and special your wedding will be... And also the fact your H2B is obviously angry with your Dad for causing you so much hurt... And that just shows how dedicated he is to you


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