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Thread: Is anyone doing their own hair?

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    Default Is anyone doing their own hair?

    The title really says it - I would like to save the money and try and do my own hair but I don't really have the guts to make the decision... Has anyone done their own hair or going to do their own hair? I'm also worried about timings, my wedding is at 12noon, and it might take longer everyone doing their own hair than just getting someone in... Mmhhhh... Difficult...

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    I am! I think it really depends on you and your girls' hair abilities. For example I have six bridesmaids and each of them have very specific unique make-up styles so I'm letting everyone do their own for that reason. For hair my sis is great at it so I'm going to get her to do most people's, but myself I've been dyeing and cutting my own hair for over 10 years so I'm going to do that myself, get my sis to curl it/style it for me (just cos I'm not used to curling it myself) and then I've got a viel and circlet to wear over it anyway. So it also depends how detailed your hairstyle will be and if you have any maids/mums/friends willing to help out. At my sister's wedding with 4 bridesmaids, her (bride), one flower girl and my mum we had me doing make-up for nearly everyone (including the bride), two of the maids on curler duty, I was on trimming/cutting duty and the others were on hairspray! We were quite an efficient team but spent plenty time lazing around as well. We got up at 7am and the wedding wasn't until half one but we had time to all have showers, dry and style everyone's hair and do their make-up, have breakfast AND lunch, do some prep photos (actually posing for) and get dressed and accessorized (I had to lace my sis up 2 or 3 times for the photographers).

    I know for time constraints it can be a concern but think if you can get your friends/maids etc to help in any way to cut down on time. You might find hiring someone to do your hair while the other's do themselves might work better for you. Good luck!!

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