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Thread: "Junior" Bridesmain dress query

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    Wee bit of advice needed. I'm having H2Bs three nieces as BMs when we get married next June. They will be 11, 10 and 9. I'm also having my best mate as my MOH (we're both 30). I was planning to have MOH in one dress (purple) and get Ivory ones from somewhere like Next and put a purple sash on them.

    I've seen dresses I like on the Next website and they're going into the sale on Boxing day. Do I buy them while I have the chance or wait and see if I can get similar at later date?

    If I buy them now how much bigger should I buy them considering they're bound to grow between now and June?

    And by doing this am I "doing them out" of a fun shopping trip as my H2B seems to think? I can see where he's coming from, I guess it's part of the experience but a) I'm trying to keep the budget under control and b) hoping I can make life easy for myself by just presenting them with what I'd like them to wear instead of giving them options - they are kids after all!!

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    I would go for it - I'm sure they will enjoy shopping for shoes, hairbands/flowers or maybe jewellery to go with them nearer the time instead. There are plenty other fun things to do with them - kids sometimes get easily bored trailing around trying on clothes for also always have the risk of them finding something you hate and they love!!
    I once bought a year early for my girls in a sale - I just bought a size or two bigger. The size you buy will depend on their height, build etc. Ask their mum what she buys for them at the moment and maybe go a size up - but check if the dresses are small or generously made - that'll affect fitting too. Don't worry if they're too long, that's easily sorted. Take them for a 'fun' try-on session now - it will really get them in the mood & counting down to the wedding in June.
    Buying now isn't too soon - June is just around the corner and it's one less thing to panic about! You are the bride - you get to choose!
    Good luck!
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    I am having H2B's sisters as bridesmaid and flower girl, one is 13 and the other nearly 7. I took the 13 year old shopping with my other 2 BMs but bought the dress for the FG in BHS sale. If you see them now, I'd say buy them. Check with their mum what age they are wearing and if it's the age they are just buy for the age they will be at the time of the wedding. They will have fun having a big try on, in my experience taking 3 people dress shopping and trying to please everyone is not a fun shopping trip!! lol.

    Check with their mum first, if she thinks they should have a big day out shopping then make her come too....

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