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Thread: 10 months today!

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    Default 10 months today!

    Well girls I've only got 10 months left before I take the best steps of my life! Been engaged for 10 months already and don't know where the time has gone.

    Thought i'd do a wee list of things that I have done already and still to do in case anyone has some good recommendations.

    So here goes (in order of buying/booking)
    Shoes - new look satin vamp heels with personalized bling (yes they were the first things i bought!)
    Venue - Turnberry Luxury Hotel
    Dress - Victoria Jane from Diane Honeymoons in Ayr
    Female and top table favours - by Me
    Invites - by me, outside done just waiting on the details for the inserts
    Photographer - Robert Clark Photography from Prestwick
    Hair and Makeup - by my fab cousin Ashleigh
    BM dresses - Picked Ronald Joyce but still to order
    Kilts - Natonal pride picked but still to order
    Band - Coast Wedding band
    Carriage for guests - quotes in and ready to book
    Male favours - materials on order, just waiting on delivery and being made up
    BM gifts - pearl earring and necklace set, 3 matching sets but with different pearl for each
    Rings - diamond wishbone for me, platinum band for him x
    Cake - by mum with decor my me (still to do!)

    So still to sort:
    Venue decoration - have meeting on Monday with coordinator to discuss
    Flowers - also meeting on Monday to discuss
    Bridal party transport - looking for 3 cars including vintage style for me
    Tiara - think i'm going with Libby kilpatrick design
    Jewellery - as above
    Honeymoon - if I have any pennies left!
    Bridal shower - plan to have a pamper party so we can have nails and facials done, not sure where tho

    Things i'm looking forward to not having to plan:
    Hen night - by bridesmaid
    My bouquet - By groom
    Videographer - not having one!
    Church decoration - by MIL

    I'm sure there are things that i've forgot to put in but i'm sure i'll update as I wake up lol
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    Your very organised! I went to Diane Honeyman to look at bridal dresses, I loved it in there! The whole shop was just gorgeous! Think I'll be going back once I've made sure it's the dress I really want!

    Have you chosen your florist yet? I'm using Lorraine Wood Flowers, really impressed with Lorraine and her designs etc are great!

    I've still got just over a year to go but think I really need to get a move on with some things! xxx

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    Stockton-on-Tees for work and Glasgow is where my Fiance is


    Haven't chosen my Florist, Turnberry give us one to decorate the venue so depending on how they are I may just get the rest from them... she's seems helpful enough on the phone so just will need to see what her style is like x
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    We were 10 months on the 16th there! Time has flown! It'll be June 2012 before we know it! We're very organised too! All the main things are booked and I have just got all my stuff for making stationary so that will start once my final exam is over with at uni! Just got H2b's kilt to order as he's getting a new one made, and then see about hiring the other kilts. Oh, and wedding rings! Can't forget them!
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