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Client User Policy

Unlike other wedding forums, we allow our advertisers the facility to set up a profile and become members. However, we ask that you keep the following rules in mind when posting on the forum.

This forum is primarily a place for brides, grooms and members of the wedding party. Clients can make a limited number of posts but are not permitted to start new topics, except for in the business users section.

Do not advertise your business directly on the forum. By all means, help posters out if you can, but any posts which are blatantly for advertising purposes will be removed without notice.

If you see any negative comments about your business on this forum, we can offer a free right to reply facility. This means that you are able to respond to posts where it is felt that the business has been misrepresented or to publicly make amends for any issues.

Any clients must identify themselves as such when signing up to this forum. You must include your company name as part of your username. Any supplier not doing so may be suspended or banned.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or advice regarding our forum. Just email digital editor Steph Telfer (steph@scottishweddingdirectory.co.uk) and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Finally, please enjoy and make the most of this fantastic opportunity to connect with your target market!

General Forum Usage

Setting and Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

Q. What happens when a user posts a negative comment about a wedding company?

Our forum is first and foremost a place for brides, grooms and members of the wedding party to come and chat in a positive environment. Occasionally, a negative or potentially defamatory post will be posted about a wedding company. Please see below for our policy when this happens.

If the post does not explicitly mention the name or address of the company in question, it'll be left up. Posters can contact the original poster to ask for further details to be shared in private.

However, if the post mentions the name of the company, we will give the poster a chance to amend the post. If this is not adhered to, then the post will be removed, sometimes without warning.

By removing a potentially defamatory post, we ensure that our forum members and ourselves are clear of any legal action should a company wish to take the complaint further

As a wedding supplier, you are entitled to a right to reply comment. Please contact us if you wish to use this.

If you have any questions, please contact digital editor Steph Telfer (steph@scottishweddingdirectory.co.uk).

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